HTSI collects 116,5 kg of plastic bottle caps in a new solidarity drive



The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi – HTSI (Ramon Llull University), collected 116.5 kg of plastic bottle caps in 5 months as part of the Seur Foundation’s “Tapones para una nueva vida” (Bottle caps for new life) campaign.

These 116.5 kg are in addition to another 75.5 kg collected in April, and they will help Álvaro, an 8-year-old suffering from SMA2 (type-2 spinal muscular atrophy) to afford the exoskeleton he needs. To this end, the SEUR Foundation hopes to collect 60,000,000 plastic bottle caps in total to earn the €24,000 Álvaro’s treatment costs.

By collecting bottle caps, the SEUR foundation helps children with serious health issues. Since its creation, it has helped to fund a wide range of costly treatments and prosthetics for over 150 children.

In addition, as a result of this campaign, over 5,000 tonnes of plastic bottle caps have been recycled so far, preventing the emission of 6,000 tonnes of CO2, the main gas responsible for climate change.

HTSI collects plastic bottle caps to promote social action

Students and staff of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi have worked to collect plastic bottle caps ever since 2013; so far, they have collected over 450 kg. Plus, HTSI participates in other solidarity initiatives like blood drives, charity book sales for Sant Jordi in collaboration with Recicla Cultura, the Solidarity Study Olympics, or helping disadvantaged minors with the Arrels Foundation.

As a result, HTSI encourages students to take part in social transformation through solidarity initiatives that promote the values of our School: hospitality, interculturality, proactive service, respect, and active involvement in sustainable, responsible solidarity initiatives.

Would you like to learn more about the SEUR Foundation and its bottle cap recycling campaign? Visit “Tapones para una nueva vida”.


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