Social Initiatives

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi is dynamic and open to student participation and interest in social transformation that enables personal and professional growth of university graduates.

For this reason, the HTSI Social Committee aims to collaborate in the educational dimension of the School, so that the educational community and the graduates are young professionals who are committed to work for freedom and dignity of all peoples and cultures, and have the will to do so in cooperation with others who are equally dedicated to changing society and its structures.

The Social Commission is a communication channel of social initiatives among the entire HTSI academic community, Alumni and other related institutions, and promotes the values described in the Mission, Vision and Values of HTSI:

  • Hospitality and sincere acceptance of other's needs, outside of one's comfort zone, and go to meet who asks for help.
  • Multiculturalism, openness to others. Looking at the world through the eyes of relationships between individuals and peoples, and works consciously to develop a network of movements in solidarity and respect for the future human society.
  • Proactive service at all times which aims at that kind of action in which everyone wins, transforming reality through love and service.
  • Respect and active involvement in favor of social struggles that promotes solidarity, ecology, sustainable development and responsibility of peoples and their cultures, exercising leadership in denouncing everything that should be changed or improved in the person and in society.



  • Alas para el Autismo ("Wings for Autism"): Open Day at Barcelona airport for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Blood Donation Days
  • Voluntary collaboration with the Pere Tarres Foundation reinforcing students in primary education and in high school with disadvantaged family conditions.
  • Voluntary collaboration with Loyola Casal to accompany the elderly who experience difficulty in performing everyday tasks.
  • Voluntary partnership with the Arrels Foundation in helping the homeless.
  • The challenge of the Ignatian Way, the challenge of pilgrimage for different paths of the Ignatian Way and funds which are raised for good causes.
  • Plastic Caps for a new life, working with the Seur Foundation in collecting plastic caps.
  • Olympic Solidarity Study, organized by the United Nations, in which study hours in the HTSI library are logged to become funds for solidarity projects. Olympic Solidarity Study.
  • Magic Line BCN benefit for Sant Joan de Deu Social projects



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