What won't change after Covid?

  • The quality of the learning experience: certified by the School’s history, its spot in academic rankings and recognition from professionals, businesses and institutions from the sector.
  • Skill-based training using active methods focused on the student and the learning process needed to acquire professional skills.
  • The talent mix among faculty. An appropriate balance of professors combining profiles based on academics and research with professional profiles based on experience. Professors use these skills to transmit applied knowledge and the reality of the sector.
  • An in-person/digital/outdoor mix: the School promotes experiences for learning beyond the physical classroom, with master classes or online group work in virtual classrooms, project-based work using collaborative online tools, the Virtual Campus, visits to businesses from the sector, professional classrooms with real cases for students to analyse, participation in activities at collaborating entities and social organizations, etc.
  • The availability of wide spaces and the choice of morning or afternoon schedules allow us to guarantee in-person formats that meet with any potential safety and hygiene regulations without renouncing person-to-person contact in the classroom between students and professors.

What might change after COVID?

For as long as is strictly necessary, in keeping with the instructions of the University and health officials and with up-to-date information:

  • Classroom seating capacity and distribution of students.
  • Broader schedules for morning and evening classes.
  • Postponement or modification of exterior formats (visits, learning-service, internships…)
  • A slight increase in remote teaching and online activities on the Virtual Campus.

In case of new health emergencies, the School can transfer to a 100% distance-learning format in 24 hours.

Communication Chanels

  • We have enabled an email (health@htsi.url.edu) through which any member of the university community can direct their doubts and communications.
  • We have enabled a Telegram channel (http://t.me/htsi_info) to speed up communication on any news regarding this situation.
  • You can check HTSI's social networks to keep you informed.

From HTSI, we are in constant contact with the health authorities, and we will inform you of any information related to Covid-19 that may affect the HTSI community.

HTSI Contact

The activity of HTSI does not stop but if the in-person attention ceases in the facilities of the School, which will remain closed. All HTSI telephone numbers are redirected, so you can call the usual contact telephone numbers, and we will attend you normally. You can contact us through the following telephone numbers and contact emails: 

Suspension of lective activity

According to the state of alarm decreed by the Government of Spain, the Universitat Ramon Llull, and consequently the School of Tourism and Hotel Management Sant Ignasi, will temporarily cease all their on-site teaching activities from 00.00h on March 13th. HTSI has an action protocol approved by the HTSI Board of Directors that you can consult here.
From HTSI we want to transmit a message of tranquility in relation to the health alert on the epidemic outbreak COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), better known as Coronavirus. In this sense, we are following the instructions, recommendations and measures issued by the administrations, both by the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Public Health Agency of Catalonia and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain.  You can consult the official communications of the Ramon Llull University (www.url.edu). From HTSI we constantly monitor and update the information through this website and through the established communication channels. Communication with these institutions is fluid and constant, and also with the Rector of the Ramon Llull University.

Frequent questions

Why are classes suspended at HTSI?

As a consequence of the government agreement of the Generalitat of Catalonia of March 12, 2020, the face-to-face classes at HTSI are suspended, but the School is not closed. Through the academic managers of the different programs, the students will receive the details of how academic sessions will be articulated from now on.

Are there any positive cases of Covid-19 in HTSI?

Currently, we do not have any confirmed case of Covid-19 at HTSI.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

The most common symptoms are dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath. Occasionally, sore throat and fatigue may also occur. Find out through the official health authorities (you can find the official links above) about the symptoms and any other information about the Covid-19.

What do I have to do if I feel bad?

If you have symptoms that may be compatible with the Covid-19, you have been in contact with someone infected or you have traveled to any of the risk areas, stay home and call 061. From there they will inform you about the protocol to follow.

What do I have to do if I am infected with Covid-19?

You have to contact us through health@htsi.url.edu to let us know, and we will implement the protocols set by the health authorities.

I am an international student. What support mechanisms can I find at HTSI?

You can contact the International Office to ask them any questions (93 252 28 90 (ext. 2102) / international@htsi.url.edu). If you feel unwell and have symptoms compatible with Covid-19, contact us through health@htsi.url.edu. We are at your disposal for whatever you need.

I am doing an Internship. That I have to do?

Contact the Corporate Relations Department (93 252 28 90 (ext. 1133) / internship@htsi.url.edu) to explain your specific case, and they will help you solve all your doubts.

Can I go to HTSI to do any administrative or Academic Secretary procedure?

No, because the activity of the HTSI does not stop but the in-person attention in the Faculty building ceases, which will remain closed. Call or write to Administration to (93 252 28 90 (ext. 1101) / administracion@htsi.url.edu) or to the Academic Secretary (93 252 28 89 / academic.secretary@htsi.url.edu) and we will indicate how to do the process.

I can go to the library?

No. The library is closed, but the service remains partially active. You can access the online resources at https://campus.htsi.url.edu/biblioteca and find out how it works during these days in the Virtual Campus.

What happens if I have a meeting with a teacher?

Lecturers will not attend students at HTSI facilities in person. Contact the teacher to find the best way to hold the meeting virtually.

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