Snowflakes and Women in Management


Author: Daniela Freund, professor and researcher at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL)


Month after month, we’re presented with new reports on the situation of women in management in Spain. International organizations, government institutions, consulting firms, business schools and a long list of others share their data. We look at indicator after indicator to try and determine whether the situation of female management in Spain is moving forwards, stuck in place or moving backwards. Data accumulates like snowflakes. If we stop and think about the social growth of equality, we might think we’re making progress; but at the same time, women attempting to reach management positions in Spanish businesses face more and more barriers. How can we overcome them? I think associations have a positive role to play.

The numbers from the Esade gender monitor 2018 report aren’t very positive. Women in management detect more and more gender barriers where they work. The number of women in leadership roles that have had trouble combining their personal and professional lives went from 27.23% in 2017 to 46.26% in 2018. The perception of the wage gap has increased from 33% in 2017 to 41% in 2018, and women in management state that businesses increasingly fail to recognize their work (from 26% to 34%).

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Innovative design thinking methods: an activity for HTSI students



On February 25, the Factory 103 coworking space hosted a session on ideation, an innovative method based on design thinking. The session was for students of the “Tourism for All” course of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL).

The participants were international students from partner universities who are currently completing an academic semester at HTSI. They were presented with the challenge of proposing a product, service or experience to Hotel AC Victoria Suite that can make the establishment more accessible and inclusive for families travelling with children with autism.

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Daniela Freund (HTSI): “in the tourism sector, only 3 of every 10 highly qualified positions are occupied by women”




On February 19, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi took part in the Hospitality Innovation Planet-Horeca Professional Expo with a lecture by HTSI professor and researcher Daniela Freund. Freund participated in the round table “Women Leadership: abanderando el futuro Horeca” (Women Leadership: Leading the Future of Horeca).

According to data from the World Tourism Organization provided by Freund, tourism makes up 10% of the world’s GDP, and is responsible for 1 out of every 10 jobs worldwide. It employs 55-70% of women, depending on the country. In addition, “tourism is the third most important source of employment for women on a global scale, after the heath and education sectors.”

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Students of Ramon Llull University get to know Colombia in a trip with students of the Xavierian University of Bogotá


viaje experiencial HTSI

A group of students from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, the Pere Tarrés School of Education and Social Work and the Blanquerna School of Health Science (all part of Ramon Llull University) spent 10 days in Colombia as part of an experience-based tourism trip. They were joined by students of different subjects from the Xavierian University of Bogotá.

The students stayed at the San Pedro Claver SJ Sanctuary, associated with the history of slavery. They visited different NGOs and other social and educational action centres, such as NGOs Casa Misión or the Loma Fresca Afro-Caribbean Cultural Centre.

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