Health insurance

General information

As agreed by the governing body of our university, any student studying at HTSI is obliged to come with the following insurances: medical insurance (either Social Security or other) and an additional insurance that should cover the following:

  1. Accidents
  2. Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical hospitalization and ambulance expenses.
  3. Repatriation or medical transport in case of injury or illness.
  4. Repatriation or transport of the deceased.
  5. Travel with a companion and expenses of his/her stay in case of hospitalization.
  6. Return of the insured person by death of a non-assured relative.
  7. Urgent shipment of non-existing medicines abroad.
  8. Transmission of messages.
  9. Assistance in the searching and shipping of lost luggage.
  10. Travel assistance.
  11. Shipment of forgotten objects difficult to be replaced.
  12. Civil liability.

EU students

Citizens of the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are entitled to coverage under the social security system of their country must get a  European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before travelling to Spain. This card can be obtained from the public health authorities of the student’s country of origin and it will give them the necessary health insurance in Spain.
However, this card does cover neither accidents nor any private health costs. Therefore, please note that the European Health Insurance Card is not an alternative to travel/accident Insurance, which all international students, are required to have too. The (EHIC) can be of considerable benefit to you should you require medical assistance during your stay in Barcelona.

What are the practical benefits of EHIC?

The card ensures that you will get the same access to public sector health care (eg a doctor, a pharmacy, a hospital or a health care centre) as nationals of the country you are visiting. If you have to receive medical attention in a country that charges for health care, you will be reimbursed either immediately, or after you go home to your own country. The idea is that you are given the care you need to allow you to continue with your stay.

However, it is important to note that the card does not cover your health care costs while abroad if you are travelling in order to obtain treatment for an illness or injury that you had before travelling. Nor does the card cover you for private sector health care providers.

Non EU students

Non-EU Citizens must take out private health insurance in Spain to cover the duration of their stay. There are some countries with a mutual health provision agreement between their healthcare systems and the Spanish Social Security. These students are strongly recommended to find out about such agreement with their home country. If it exists, they should obtain the necessary documents from the relevant authorities in their country of origin.

Students who do not fall into any of the above categories or cannot give proof of the document issued by the relevant authorities in their home country, must take out private medical insurance prior to their departure.

If you are non-EU student, you must obtain private medical insurance before travelling to Spain.

HTSI offers to international students an insurance by paying 69€ per year. Please click on the following link if you are interested in buying the insurance HTSI INSURANCE (Ramon Llull University). Please select that you are a Ramon Llull University student.

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