The origins

Training in Hospitality and Tourism starts at the school Jesuïtes Sarrià-Sant Ignasi in September 1987 with the studies of Technical Business and Tourist Activities Certificate (hereinafter TEAT) awarded by the Ministry of Tourism of Spain at that time, and students obtained through a final exam Revalidation in an official center of Madrid, the official School of Tourism. During the years 1987-2000 the TEAT curriculum was offered, and about 600 students went to the Examination for obtaining official title, of which about 50% obtained successfully.

University Studies

Tourism studies as a University Diploma was established in April 1996, and the TEAT then entered into extinction. After this time, tourism higher education is taught only at the university level. In March 1997, an agreement between Jesuïtes Sarrià-Sant Ignasi, and the ESADE Foundation brought the Tourism Diploma into the framework of Ramon Llull University (RD 1439/1999 of 10 September). Studies and program management continued at Sant Ignasi-Sarrià, under the academic sponsorship of ESADE.

During 2002-2003, URL is validated by the Master Program in Innovative Hospitality Management, that begun in 2003-2004. This is a program that, since its inception, has had a shared degree from both Ramon Llull University and the Zuyd University, Netherlands. The Innovative Hospitality Management program became a University Master Degree in July 2006 (BOE no. 157 of July 3, 2006).

European Higher Education Area

The appearance of the new scenario for university degrees by the implementation of the Bologna Treaty leads the institution to initiate a process of reflection that culminates with the presentation for verification before the Spanish National Agency for Quality (from now ANECA) of a Draft 4 year Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. In March 2009, ANECA approves the proposal that begins in Sant Ignasi-Sarrià in September 2009 with a first year intake.

This degree gradually replaces the Diploma in Tourism to its extinction in the 2011-2012 academic year. The process of adaptation to the Bologna Plan and the implementation of the Bachelor Degree in T ourism and Hospitality Management lead the Society of Jesus to make an institutional rethinking of the institution. To this end, the Society of Jesus created the Private Xavier Foundation. As a continuation of this evolutionary and strategic process, in July 2010 the institution moved its headquarters from Sant Ignasi-Sarrià to Building 2 Campus at ESADE Pedralbes. 

In addition, the institution expands its portfolio of programs with the implementation of the University Master Degree in Hotel Management (2012-2013) and the Executive Master Program in Business Tourism Management and Events (2013- 2014), all Ramon Llull University qualifications.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi today

Since the 2014-2015 academic year, the center was renamed the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI) of Ramon Llull University.
HTSI has now positioned itself as the pioneer School in the field of tourism and hospitality in Barcelona. This development responds to the vocation to keep growing in order to promote teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of leadership and management of hotel and tourism business.
During the 2015-2016 academic year, the School launched the University Master Degree in Hotel Management.

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