HTSI doctor Albert Fornells becomes full professor of Ramon Llull University



Albert Fornells, vice dean of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, has been named full professor (professor catedràtic) by Ramon Llull University, and is therefore the first professor at HTSI to hold this position.

Dr Fornells achieved this position with his project “Tecnología + Hospitalidad= Futuro” (Technology + Hospitality = Future), which defends the importance of improving the training offered by the School in order to better prepare students for the future. Fornells argues that by improving teaching and promoting research we can help to optimize professor profiles while reinforcing student profiles.


In terms of faculty, the project emphasizes HTSI’s promotion of issues related to technology, including improving multiple subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management such as data management and analysis or the different agents and channels involved in electronic distribution. “Students have interiorized this knowledge, and when they go to complete their internships this sets them apart from students from other schools”, the HTSI professor emphasized.

In addition, the studies plan for the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism has incorporated the concept of hospitality: “we work with students on how to be more hospitable, and how to go above and beyond customers’ expectations— beyond just meeting their needs.” The goal is for HTSI students to become individuals that work proactively and that can promote and strengthen aspects that set their businesses apart from the rest.

In order to become a full professor (professor catedràtic), candidates must present both a teaching project and a research project. Dr Albert Fornells’ teaching merits are reflected in his transformation of the studies plan for the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (designing mentions, creating new subjects for managing and analysing data, reformulating subjects involving technology, etc.).

In addition, his research merits are demonstrated with the creation of a Research Group on Tourism, Hospitality and Mobility; the initiation of several lines of research, multiple articles in scientific publications or his project on tourism innovation, among others.

“My position as full professor is the result of a reflection we’ve been working on for several years now: how to reinvent our School in terms of teaching, research and organization”, Fornells concluded.

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