Academic requirements


In order to be admitted to the Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management or the Double Degree (Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism + Bachelor’s Degree in Designing Tourism and Hospitality Experiences), it is necessary to comply with the requirements that regulate the access to university studies of degree in Spain, as well as to fulfill the specific requirements established by the School, which are evaluated by means of the School´s own admission procedures.

The spanish educational system

Access for candidates who come from the Spanish educational system are candidates who:

• Have passed high school studies and the university access test (PAU).

• Have passed a higher-level training program (CFGS)

• Have an official university degree or equivalent.

• Have passed the entrance test for students over 25 years old.

• Are over 25 years old and meet the requirements established by current legislation.

•To accredit work or professional experience for those over 40 years of age. The request should be addressed to the rector of the University.

• Be more than 45 years old and comply with the requirements established by current legislation.

• Have attended official Spanish university studies.

Educational systems different from the spanish system

Candidates coming from educational systems other than the Spanish system must comply with the requirements included in the Resolution of July 6, 2010, of the General Secretariat of Universities, amended Annexes I and IV of Order EDU / 1161 / 2010, of May 4, which establishes the procedure for access to Spanish Universities by students from educational systems for which Article 38.5 of Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, Education is applied.

A) Candidates who have completed their studies in a school in Spain with an education system specific to a member country of the European Union (other than Spain) or with bilateral agreements with the Government of Spain on the homologation of secondary studies, National University Distance Studies - UNED): they must apply to UNED for a credential that they meet the requirements for access to university studies. It is imperative to present this credential in order to enroll. In most cases, schools perform this procedure for their students. If this is not the case, the candidate must carry out this process on their own

B) Foreign candidates coming from an educational system of an EU country other than Spain or from a country with bilateral agreements with the Government of Spain on homologation of secondary school studies (according to UNED):

It is necessary to:

  • Have passed the equivalent second of Spanish High School in their home country´s educational system or have the International Baccalaureate.
  • Request the UNED credential for access to university, certifying the candidate meets the requirements to access university studies. It is imperative to present this credential in order to be able to enroll in the center.

C) Foreign candidates who come from an educational system of a country that does not belong to the European Union and that has not signed a bilateral agreement with the Government of Spain on the homologation of secondary school studies (the document of the UNED indicates countries with bilateral agreements that do not need to carry out this process).

It is necessary:

  • To be studying the equivalent in your educational system to the second year of Spanish high school (and to have passed it in June), or have already successfully completed it. (Applications from people who have completed second year of high school or equivalent in the last two years will also be accepted).
  • To process the homologation of their studies through the Spanish Embassy in their country of origin (preferably) or through the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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