What do the students say about the HTSI teachers?

“He’s an exceptional professor. His way of explaining things is really easy to understand. Plus, he always connects topics with the real world, with situations we can run into in our everyday lives. That makes his classes much more interesting.”


“He’s a great professor, and he’s always willing to help. He uses really dynamic methods to keep his classes from being repetitive or boring.”


“He’s very accessible. That makes communication easier, and it makes it much easier to understand course content. He answers any doubts you have, and he’s always eager to help.”


As a professor, she’s really interested in helping others. She knows lots about what she teaches, and she has plenty of contacts. You can tell she’s passionate about her job.”


“Clear, concise concepts with good examples, emphasis and repetition of the most important parts. The documents on the online platform add tons of extra information to complement in-person classes (and online classes, over the last few months).” 


“As a professor, she definitely captures your attention and gets you involved. I love that the exam is more practical than theoretical. I’ve learned tons from her.”

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