Do you want to design the future of tourism? Grado futuro turismo HTSI

Do you want to become the innovative leader that businesses and organizations in the tourism sector need?

Are you prepared for the future? 


New! At the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, we offer two options for you to design the future of tourism: 

  • Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor on Tourism and Hospitality Management + Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design

Get up-to-date with changes happening in the sector, learn using the most innovative methods, and develop the skills to become a better professional and drive change in 21st-century tourism.

Once you graduate:

  • You will design tourism, hospitality and recreational experiences with added value.
  • You will organize leading events.
  • You will transform tourism and hospitality businesses using innovative management.
  • You will plan tourism that is responsible with its surroundings, the environment and individuals.
  • You will help businesses, organizations and clients to get digital.
  • You will use data analysis, artificial intelligence and robotics to change the future of tourism.
  • You will join teams capable of changing reality and generating new ways of facing challenges.
  • You will know how to drive your own projects.


We train you for the future

Tourism is a global phenomenon, a revolution that plays a key role in economic growth and that is becoming increasingly important. According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourism grew by 6% in 2018, breaking the existing record of 1,300 international tourist arrivals. This is the highest rise in eight years.

The impact of new technology on the global job market and on the tourism sector in particular makes it essential to invest in a university education that prepares students for the future.
Students need the skills to address current and future needs, and the capacity to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities the sector will soon offer.

At HTSI, you can choose between the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Mangement (240 ECTS) and the double degree combining the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Mangement and the new Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design (240 ECTS + 180 ECTS), which will give you the skills to face an imminent, changing future.

We’re the only school that offers 6 specializations so students can focus on the area that best fits their profile and international projection.

Studying at HTSI is an exciting, committed experience. It means passion for countries and cultures, travel and business, technology, human relations and languages. It means commitment to service and responsible business management.

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