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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi encourages mobility of university as part of their training in the field of tourism and hospitality. For students of HTSI university programs, an essential element is to acquire a range of skills such as foreign languages, intercultural and international experience.

With experience as a methodology, the Study Tours are focused on various subjects, both academic and professional. The university can, through these trips, implement the knowledge acquired in the classroom, meet diverse perspectives of the tourism sector and the national and international hospitality industry, as well as interact with other students from diverse backgrounds.

The purpose of these trips is, above all, so students have enriching experiences with colleagues from the HTSI university community that improve the personal understanding of oneself through experience outside the classroom, and to discover the reality of the tourism and hospitality sector beyond the purely academic boundaries.

Study Tours for the 2015-2016 academic year were:

  • Dubrovnik: students learned about the tourist development of the Croatian coast, perform various tourist routes as the related series the Game of Thrones, and visited different hotel establishments (1st and 2nd year students).
  • San Francisco: students attended classes at the University of San Francisco, participated in the Annual University of San Francisco Hospitality Industry Symposium and visited technology start-ups related to the tourism sector (1st and 2nd year students).
  • Senegal: With a social focus, this trip aims to publicize the reality of Senegal to HTSI students (2nd and 3rd year students).
  • Morocco: in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarres, and Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences, this trip aims to show the reality of Morocco to students (2nd and 3rd year students).
  • Vienna: students attended academic sessions at Modul University in Vienna and learned about the tourist development of the city (1st and 2nd year students).
  • London: strictly professional, this trip brings the reality of the tourism and hotel sector in London to students, with networking opportunities, allowing them options for future employability (3rd year students).
  • EMCUP Competition 2015: The European Mise en Place Competition, which this year was held in Maastricht, brings together students from the most prestigious hotel management schools in the world to discuss and contribute ideas on a particular topic (1st year students).
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