One Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management with 6 specializations

The Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you six new specializations so you can dominate the area that best fits your profile and career. In an extremely competitive, growing sector, specialization will help you stand out as a young professional and will help you become a leader in the tourism, hotel, events and recreation sector on an international level.


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How will you get specialized?

grado-turismo-especializacion_htsi_bannerThe first two years of the Bachelor Degree you discover the different professional opportunities offered by the sector, which is key to world economic growth. The basic training you will receive these first two years and the professional development guidance offered exclusively by HTSI will give you the tools you need so that in your third year you can decide which specialization best fits your professional future.

These specializations combine specific training (completed at HTSI or international universities through student exchange) with specialized internships at companies that stand out in each of their international areas. This will give you first-hand experience of current challenges and trends in your new professional future. Once you graduate, your specialization will be included in your European Diploma Supplement.


grado-turismo-especializacion_international_hospitality_managementThe international hotel market is dominated by several large, influential corporations and their respective hotel brands. This specialization opens the doors to their world, giving you a detailed understanding of the international hotel environment: the strategies, organization and corporate culture of the big chains. In addition, you will work on the skills needed to prepare for a successful professional career in the world of hotels.


grado-turismo-especializacion_events-_management_protocolThe specialization in Events Management and Protocol will help you become an expert in the strategic management of events and relevant protocol rules. In this specialization, you will get the knowledge and skills you need for roles involving the planning and organization of events and the use of protocol in different professional areas (business, social, institutional)


grado turismo especialización innovaciónBy pushing the digitalization of tourism and hotel businesses and generating ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship, we can maximize the potential of the sector in economic growth and job creation. In addition, digitalization can contribute to sustainable development using Smart Destination strategies. This specialization will put you in touch with the tendencies and technologies that can be used to transform the tourism and hotel sector, and it will help you gain the skills and methods you need to take part in innovation and entrepreneurship projects.


grado turismo especialización turismo responsableTourism has an economic, social and environmental impact on destinations. To maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative ones, we need knowledge and planning to ensure sustainable tourism and to avoid phenomena like tourismophobia or a loss in interest in a destination. This specialization will teach you to manage responsible tourism through the public administrations with authority over this activity.


grado-turismo-especializacion_tourism_hospitality_consultancyThe business world of tourism and hotels is extremely dynamic and constantly changing. When predicting the future of the market, designing marketing or project development plans and directing relevant projects, the intervention of external consultants is often needed. The specialization will show you the methods used by consultants and give you key skills for taking on this role.


Grado en turismo_especialización_HTSIIn today’s world, when designing tourism and hotel products, we face the challenge of providing customers with satisfactory and memorable experiences. To do so, we need a firm understanding of the needs and aspirations of both tourists and hosts. Having the methods for designing and managing experiences the is key to creating new, innovative and attractive tourism and hotel products. This specialization puts you in contact with the methods, techniques and skills you need to create such products.

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