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What sort of technology is in vogue in the events sector? Totems. At least that’s what Marc Perelló, director of the Digital Area at Creativialab, told students of the Executive Master’s Degree in Business Tourism and Events Management in a master class on March 27.

Under the title “Digitalización del sector de eventos” (Digitalization in the events sector) Perelló told students that digital advertising shouldn’t be invasive, but it should arrive at just the right time: “for example, we can use beacons to tell whether someone has been standing in front of a restaurant for a while, and we can send them a deal and convince them to come in.”

In fact, the conversion rate of advertisements using beacon technology is over 60%, while CTRs only reach 0.01 or 0.02. Why is this ratio so high? “Because you’re offering customers something right when they’re already considering it. This type of technology works great at events like fairs or congresses because we have a captive audience, just like in a football stadium. The beacon lets us emit a call to action that provides us with benefits” Perelló explained.




Totem advertisements allow us to interact with consumers so that they spend more time at our stand or interact for longer with our product or service. This technology allows us to measure three things: time spent with the product, top of mind, and feelings of happiness.

Along these lines, Marc Perelló stated that “at an event, anything that allows us to increase the time you spend with a brand is a good thing.” Perelló explained one of the latest uses by the agency where he works: “we brought together two of our client brands, Munich shoes and Flaix FM radio, which have similar target audiences. We brought virtual reality simulators to stands at the Saló de l’Ensenyament educational fair. The stands with the most visitors and the longest visits were the ones with simulators, VR glasses or some sort of opportunity for interaction and movement using new technology.”

Big data, ROI, Branding and a “return on your time”, positioning and social networks were some of the other subjects the director of Creativialab’s digital area discussed with HTSI students.


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