HTSI has collected 350 kilos of bottle caps for the Seur Foundation


tapones-fundacion-seurThe School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL) has collected 350 kilos of plastic bottle caps since the 2013-2014, academic year, which is when the Seur Foundation’s “Tapones para una nueva vida” (Bottle caps for a new life) initiative started.

According to HTSI’s Social Commission, this academic year “we have already collected 75.5 kilos of bottle caps, and we hope to collect more than last year’s record-breaking 90 kilos.”

This project, directed by the Seur Foundation, involves collecting bottle caps for a plastic recycling plant to raise funds for children with serious health problems. So far, over 150 boys and girls have benefitted from this campaign, and over €1 million have already been collected to fund treatment.


Además, la empresa asegura que gracias a “Tapones para una nueva vida” han reciclado 5.000 toneladas de tapones de plástico, lo que ha evitado la emisión de 6.000 toneladas de CO2, principal gas causante del cambio climático.

Estudiantes y personal de la Facultad de Turismo y Dirección Hotelera Sant Ignasi, a través de su Comisión Social, colabora con otras iniciativas solidarias como diferentes ediciones de Donación de Sangre durante el curso, la venta solidaria de libros durante el Sant Jordi en colaboración con Recicla Cultura, la venta solidaria de pasteles en favor de la Marató de TV3, la Olimpiada Solidaria de Estudio o la colaboración en el acompañamiento a menores en situación desfavorecida en colaboración con la Fundació Arrels.

The recycling company also notes that thanks to the initiative, they have collected 5,000 tons of plastic bottle caps thus far. This has prevented the emission of 6,000 tons of CO2, a gas that is largely responsible for climate change.

Through the Social Commission, students and staff of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi have also collaborated in other charity initiatives such as blood drives, book sales for charity in collaboration with Recicla Cultura, a charity bake sale for the Marató de TV3, the Solidarity Study Olympics or helping disadvantaged minors with the Arrels Foundation.

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