Primavera Sound, Canet Rock, Cap Roig and Share&Festival, all present at HTSI

Primavera Sound, Canet Rock, Cap Roig and Share&Festival, all present at HTSI




Representatives of the Primavera Sound, Canet Rock, Share&Festival and Cap Roig music festivals took part in an online round table on marketing and music festivals for 3rd-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

The discussion was moderated by Daniela Freund, professor of the course Operational Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality. It included Stefano Maccarone, director of Share&Festival; Miquel Fernández, director of communication, sponsorship and institutional relations for the Cap Roig festival; Ivone Lesan, head of booking for Primavera Sound and a representative of the MIM association; and Gemma Recoder, general director of Sun Music Barcelona, the organizers of the Canet Rock festival.

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Online interviews for future international HTSI students


sesion-info-homeThe School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi offers personalized online interviews for future international students interested in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism or the Double Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor in Tourism + Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design in Tourism and Hospitality)

Both the management of the degree and the Admission department offer virtual meetings with international students to address doubts on courses, internships and international mobility, among other matters.

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Community-based tourism, a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional travel




Community-based tourism is the central focus of the investigation “El papel del turismo en las relaciones de poder local: Pisac, Perú” (The role of tourism in local power relationships: Pisac, Peru). This investigation was led by Rosa Codina, a doctor and professor at Oxford Brookes University, who explained her conclusions to 4th-year HTSI students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism.

The study began by detecting power dynamics in tourism spaces. This included how vendors and tour guides made strategic use of streets and squares to control the local impact of tourism. Organized tours analysed how tourists moved through Pisac and how this influenced the businesses tourists visited. One of the most notable consequences was the gradual transformation of an intermittent artisans’ market into a daily market for tourists.

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Entrepreneurship: a chance to include people with functional diversiy



“Emprendeduría de todos para todos” (Entrepreneurship by all and for all) was a round table discussion for students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ingasi (HTSI).

The session, led by professors Daniela Freund and Esther Binkhorst, had two main objectives. The first was to present entrepreneurship and self-employment as job opportunities for people with functional diversity. The second was to encourage the future leaders of tourism to create inclusive experiences that everyone can enjoy equally.

To this end, Doriana Bagnoli, director of social and professional inclusion for functional diversity at the Prevent Foundation, shared an initiative called Aula de Emprendimiento. HTSI students also got to hear from entrepreneurs with functional diversity: Juan Martínez (Reforcer), Carlo Castellano (Park4Dis), and Joan Grasas (health consultant).

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The tourism and hospitality sector still needs to improve in terms of accessibility




Accessible tourism was the subject of the virtual round table “Viajeros con necesidades especiales, retos y oportunidades” (Travellers with special needs, challenges and opportunities) for 4th-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. The protagonists of the debate were three travellers with special needs and different profiles who shared their experiences 

Manu Heras is an adventurer who fights for the right to travel regardless of disability and who has been all around the world in a wheelchair. His latest trip was along the Catalan Way of St. James to demand that similar spiritual routes be open to all.

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Co-living & coworking: The Student Hotel as a success story



Vanessa Sans, founder and CEO of consultancy Happy Working Lab, and Alexandra Ramió, a consultant at the company, offered a digital presentation of the case study “Co-living and coworking” for 4
th-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism as part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course.

Happy Working Lab is a European consultancy headquartered in Barcelona that has operated on a global level since 2015. It is specialized in new manifestations of the collaborative economy, specifically co-working and co-living.

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Diversity and inclusiveness with Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech Community


Diversidad e inclusión

Alaitz Blanquer, senior people project manager at Voxel Group, and Anna Zelno, a consultant at Intercultures, were the speakers at a roundtable discussion on diversity and inclusion for bachelor’s students of tourism. The discussion was part of the Business Strategies in Tourism and Hospitality course.

This event was organized in collaboration with WHTT (Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech Community) and its representative Idoia Herrero, an alumnus of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi. This international association of individuals from the tourism sector seeks to promote the professional growth of women and under-represented groups through training and tutorship, with the ultimate goal of creating a more diverse culture and leadership in the world of hospitality and travel technology. At present, only 26% of top executives in the subsectors of hotels, travel and recreation are women.


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What can we learn from the Covid-19 tourism crisis?


crisis de la covid-19 Mireia Bessó

COVID-19 has sped up our digital transformation and has driven tourism businesses to make new strategic decisions. But what can the tourism sector learn from the COVID-19 crisis?

This was the subject of the master class offered by Mireia Bessó, general manager of Enjoybcn. Bessó spoke to 3rd-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI).


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Innovation, intrapreneurship and liquid organization



Success factors in innovation, intrapreneurship and 21st-century organizations were the three topics discussed by Arnaldo Muñoz, senior vice president of Selina Hotels and former director-general of Airbnb Iberia. Muñoz spoke to 4th-year students of HTSI’s Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism as part of the course Business Strategies & Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

What are the factors for success in innovation or digital disruptors? For Arnaldo Muñoz, “understanding and anticipating key tendencies.” He used the millennial generation as an example, since an Eventbrite report notes that its members value experiences over material objects. Key customer trends in post-COVID-19 mobility, the age of platforms, the application of old laws to disruptive ideas and placing the user at the centre of innovation were other ideas that came up during the discussion.


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HTSI alumnus Damià Rodríguez: “With HTSI’s partners, you find great internships in the sector”



Damià Rodríguez obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (2016) and his Master’s in Events Management (2017) at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi. He currently works as an international account executive at Fira de Barcelona. Rodríguez told us all about his professional career.


What does an international account executive at Fira de Barcelona do? 

I work in the international department with the Cuba Project, organizing trade fairs and professional fairs in Cuba. First I look for international companies interested in the Cuban market, and then I organize fairs in the country.

With this job, I get to travel frequently and discover big businesses, new countries and different cultures. I’ve been doing this job for three years now.

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