Rafa Vidal: “Social Media is more than just having Facebook fans; your reputation might be at stake”

Rafa Vidal: “Social Media is more than just having Facebook fans; your reputation might be at stake”


rafa-vidal-digital-marketing-hotel-management-master-barcelona-htsi-eng“Social Media is more than just having Facebook fans; your reputation might be at stake.” That’s how Rafa Vidal, digital and social media manager at Polar Electro OY, described the importance of taking social networks seriously to the students of the Master in Hotel Management at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI). According to this marketing and social media professional, social networks can be a source of opportunities but also a threat if you don’t know how to manage negative feedback.

According to Vidal, before you decide to have presence on social networks, as a personal brand, a company or a business, it’s important to ask yourself: is it worth it to be on social networks? “First of all, you need to analyse your audience and to know where they interact. You shouldn’t be on social networks just because. It takes time, money and resources, and time is money. That’s why you need to make the right decisions”, Vidal told the students of the university master program in hotel management.

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Barcelona, a unique destination for studying tourism



Last week, students of the University Master Program in Hotel Management attended welcome events organized by the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI). The main goal of these activities, besides offering students their first contact with the School, is to help them get to know one another, while also helping them understanding what an opportunity it is to delve into the world of hospitality and study tourism in Barcelona.

In addition, they also attended different conferences related to hotel management, including one offered by Rob Giardina on intercultural perspective and another by Xavier Puertas entitled “Welcome to Barcelona: a city in constant evolution”. Both speakers are HTSI professors.

Xavier Puertas described the evolution of tourism in Barcelona to international students, going from Roman times to the recent surge and explaining the keys behind this growth. “You need to know what’s happening here and who we are to understand what will happen in the future and to improve the reality of tourism with your talent”, Puertas told the future professionals.


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HTSI’s University Master Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management, an opportunity to promote a career in tourism


On September 15, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi housed the graduation ceremony of the class of 2017 of the University Master Program in Innovative Hospitality Management. This program is organized in collaboration with the Hotel Management School Maastricht ZUYD. The ceremony, presided over by the Dean of HTSI, Ricard Santomà, the Vice Dean of Academics and Investigation, Albert Fornells, and the Director of International Programs at Maastricht, Ton Stekelenburg, was also attended by different professors from both countries. Daniela Freund, Vice Dean of Corporate and International Relations at HTSI, was in charge of directing the event.

During the ceremony, representatives of both institutions reminded the recent graduates of the importance of continuing to grow professionally in the tourism sector and of applying the knowledge they have acquired on creativity, innovation and multiculturality in the hotel industry.
Graduation Ceremony - Innovative Hospitality Management

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Knowing how to exite, key to the organization of corporate events


The students of the Master Program in Managing Events and Business Tourism* at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Igansi (HTSI) got a first-hand glimpse of how corporate events are organized thanks to Glòria Mora, General Director of Nlagloria, a company that organizes events.organization of corporate events htsi gloria mora

Today, corporate events are a powerful tool for communicating with an intended audience. As a result, Glòria Mora insists that in the current professional situation, where marketing actions and social networks are king, “knowing how to excite and surprise” are key to connecting with a client. As a result, through her presentation “Emoción, ¿motor real de un evento?” (Excitement, the real motor behind an event?) she presented students with the importance of identifying what needs to be communicated and how a message can be put together using emotions, essences and values.

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The Director of Smart City Expo World Congress speaks with Master students on key aspects of the event



Ugo Valenti, the Director of Smart City Expo World Congress, spoke to students from the Master Program in Business Tourism and Events on the conception, creation, preparation and consolidation of the Congress on smart cities that Fira Barcelona has hosted since 2011.

Valenti spent nearly two hours explaining the details of the Technical Secretariat of a world-renowned event which, in 2015, included 485 exhibitors and 380 lecturers from over 90 countries.

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