Debating challenges and trends in event planning at HTSI

Debating challenges and trends in event planning at HTSI


l'organització d'esdeveniments

On Wednesday, November 21, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi – HTSI (Ramon Llull University) organized the first edition of the Events Forum, a gathering designed to put students of the Executive Master Degree in Business Tourism and Events Management and students in their final year of the Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management in touch with active professionals from the event planning sector.

In addition to promoting new job contacts and discussing the sector, the event involved two roundtable discussions. The first, entitled “Posicionamiento, perspectivas y tendencias del futuro del sector de los eventos” (Positions, perspectives and trends in the future of the events sector), was moderated by Antonio Hermosilla, director of HTSI’s Executive Master Programs, and included Àngels Puigpey, Catering & Conference director at Hotel ArtsCarolina García, Commercial, Marketing and Communications director at CCIBJosep Plana, owner of La Puta SuegraMarta Gilabert, co-owner of La Puta Suegra and Germán Inostroza, director of Global Marketing – Meetings & Events at MCI.

“Los retos profesionales del sector de los eventos” (Professional challenges in the events sector) was the title of the second roundtable discussion, moderated by Jordi Ficapal, HTSI’s academic director. It included Miguel Abadías, commercial director of 21deMarzo CateringAndrea Cladella, head of Communication and Marketing at 21deMarzo CateringÁngela Inglés, Barcelona director of CititravelMirja Kallies, manager of Operations at Marbet and Laura Palomino, director of Marketing and Communication at Shoko.

l'organització d'esdevenimentsThe event was inaugurated by HTSI dean Ricard Santomà, who noted that “there is an increasing demand for specialized professionals in the event planning and MICE sector, especially in a city like Barcelona that houses all manner of conventions, congresses and events.” The dean added: “At HTSI, we respond to this demand for professionals not only through training, but also by encouraging debate, sharing knowledge and networking.”

Principal trends in event planning

The professionals attending the Events Forum agreed that the events industry is a growing sector. Josep Plana, owner of La Puta Suegra, told those present that “whenever planning an event, you need to be one or two steps ahead”, adding: “you’re studying at the right time, because right now it isn’t easy to find really well-trained people in this sector.”

l'organització d'esdevenimentsGermán Inostroza, director of Global Marketing – Meetings & Events at MCI, noted the importance of digitalization and investing in creativity teams and young talent: “incresingly, we can better connect with our customers and personalize communication through segmentation in order to ensure more immediate, efficient synergy.”

Carolina García, Commercial, Marketing and Communications director at CCIB, noted that the hotel industry is helping to make large events possible and to ensure they meet expectations: “expectations are high, and we always need to be alert. What is most highly valued right now is excitement and interaction between individuals.” Àngels Puigpey, Catering & Conference director at Hotel Arts, also noted that in addition to seeking excitement, “we need to break with routine and surprise our customers when planning events.”

Professional challenges when when planning events

During the second part of the gathering, participants debated on the skills needed by event professionals. They all agreed on the need for the following:

  • Positiveness.
  • A good attitude.
  • An open mind.
  • Flexibility.
  • Empathy.
  • A calling to service.
  • Knowing how to communicate.
  • Proactiveness.

l'organització d'esdeveniments“We really value creativity and the ability to adapt and keep up-to-date. You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, you should just be eager to learn”, suggested Andrea Cladellas, head of Communication and Marketing at 21deMarzo. Migel Abadías, the commercial director of the same company, agreed about the importance of being willing to make mistakes: “in the end, that’s the best way to learn. That’s why we like to trust you from square one.”

Ángela Inglés, Barcelona director of Cititravel, noted that “the events sector really is interesting. You need plenty of skills, sure, but you really need to feel it in order to enjoy it.” According to Mirja Kallies, manager of Operations at Marbet, the most important thing is “to know how to listen, and to fit well with your working team.”

Finally, students were able to take part in interviews with professionals from different companies. The school’s Events Forum is one of many activities organized by HTSI to guide students in their professional development. Companies’ recruitment and talent-search processes are a fundamental part of HTSI’s university training experience.


Events Forum 2018

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Marketing strategies at music festivals


festivales de musica HTSI estudios de turismo

On Friday, November 23, the roundtable discussion “Festivales de música: miradas desde el marketing y el turismo” (Music festivals: the view from marketing and tourism) was held at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL). The discussion was attended by 3rd-year students of the Bachelor Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management, and was also open to students of the Master Program in Business Tourism and Events and Alumni.

The participants were Gemma Recorder, director of Canet Rock; Stefano Maccarone, director of the Share&Festival; and Miquel Fernández, director of Communication Sponsorship and Institutional Relationships at Festival de Cap Roig. Daniela Freund, professor of Operational Marketing (the subject around which the roundtable was based) moderated.

Students had an opportunity to get a first-hand look at festivals and their most notable marketing actions, in addition to learning about their investment in sustainability.

The representative from Cap Roig started the debate by explaining that, as a result of the festival’s diverse audience, “we organize many different marketing actions both in Barcelona during the winter and on the Costa Brava in the summer. Nevertheless, our Marketing Plan starts with the press conference/presentation of the festival we have in March.”

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New edition of the University Master Program in Hotel Management


Students of the new edition of the University Master Program in Hotel Management of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI), attended an introductory week organized by the School for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Ricard Santomà, dean of HTSI, Albert Fornells, vice dean of Academics and Research and Jordi Ficapal, academic director, directed the inauguration. All three emphasized the importance of continued growth in the tourism sector and taking advantage of the knowledge and new opportunities offered by the program thanks to its direct relationship with prestigious companies and hotels on a national and international level.


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Event organization, key to the development of cities


event-organization-jordi-hereu-htsi-executive-masters-barcelona-4Jordi Hereu, former mayor of Barcelona and trustee of the Private Xavier Foundation, is one of the professionals in the classroom invited by the Executive Master Program in Business Tourism and Events Management and Hotel Business Management. His lecture, entitled “The city as a generator of events. Its strategic role” is key to understanding one of the most significant areas of the hotel and tourism sector: the organization of events.

According to the former mayor, cities are some of humanity’s great challenges as complex systems that are built using all aspects of knowledge: economic, social, legal, political, architectural, literary, physical, etc. Hereu’s role as a politician and as an urban design consultant has allowed him to help communities design projects for the future and meet their goals.

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HTSI Executive Master Programs: Graduation of the Class of 2018


Masters of Tourism in Barcelona. HTSIOn Thursday, July 5, the graduation ceremony for the Master Program in Hotel Management and the Master Program in Business Tourism and Events of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (Ramon Llull University) was held.

Over 30 students from the class of 2018 graduated in a ceremony presided over by Ricard Santomà, Dean of HTSI, and with the participation of Albert Fornells, Vice Dean of Academics and Research, and Antonio Hermosilla, Director of the Executive Master Program.

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