Acces to the Bachelor degree

  • What high school do I have to attend?

    The recommended focus of study is Social Sciences, although you may enroll on the Bachelor Degree from any branch of study.

  • What is the cut grade to enter the grade?

    Our admission is not made based on the Selectivity exam grade, but you will need to take an admissions test while you are in 2nd year of high school or Higher Training Programs. This consists of an evaluation of your academic transcripts, an English level test, a text commentary and a personal interview. Find out about the dates of information sessions and the documentation you will need to submit What is essential is that you pass the Selectivity exam or the Higher Training Program, since you need to comply with this legal requirement in order to access university studies in Spain.

Studying at HTSI

  • Why should I choose HTSI Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management?

    Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose this Bachelor Degree:
    1. It is a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. 50% of the credits are in management
    2. We are Hospitality: experience management is fundamental in the tourism and hospitality industry, so we will teach you the keys to excellent customer service so that you become the best professional.
    3. Bilingual program or entirely in English
    4. International internships and academic experiences
    5. Leading Academic Partners
    6. Contact with the real world of work from day one
    7. Close relationship with industry. More than 20 years collaborating with the sector
    8. Enhancing student employability
    9. You will live a global university experience in which besides studying, you can travel, work, meet people, participate in different events and train as a future professional.
    10. Advice and one to one support. Access more information here  

  • What languages will I study?

    You have two options in the Bachelor Degree: Bilingual (1st and 2nd years in Spanish / Catalan and 3rd and 4th years in English) or entirely in English. Both options include 3 hours of English per week. In addition, you can choose to study French or German, 3 hours of class per week.

  • Can I go on Erasmus?

    You will have the option to choose an academic exchange in the first semester of 4th year, not only within the framework of the Erasmus program in European universities, but also through bilateral agreements with universities abroad. Check the list of universities.

  • Will I be able to do internships in companies?

    You will be able to carry out complementary internships as of the first summer of 1st year. In addition, you have a mandatory internship period in 3rd year and a second optional period in 4th year: in both national and international companies. Throughout the Bachelor Degree, you will visit companies and you will be hands on with the reality of the international tourism and hospitality industry. More information.

  • Does HTSI offer me other options besides academic activities and those related to the professional world?

    The Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you a global university experience, where in addition to academic and professional training, you may participate in a range of activities related to social action and to leisure, which will allow you to grow as an individual and strengthen relationships with your peers

  • If I have completed a Higher-Level Training Program, can I convalidate subjects?

    You can validate credits if you come from the following training programs: Restaurant Service Management (14 ECTS) Guide, Tourist information (30 ECTS) Kitchen Management (14 ECTS) Tourism Accommodation Management (20 ECTS) Travel Agencies and Events Management (20 ECTS) Administration and Finance (20 ECTS) International Trade (6 ECTS) Gastronomy (24 ECTS) Information and Tourism Marketing (16 ECTS) Travel Agencies (16 ECTS) Business Management and Marketing (9 ECTS) Accommodation (20 ECTS)

Professional Career

  • Will HTSI help me in my professional career path choices?

    HTSI will accompany you both at the academic level (through your tutors) and at the professional level (through the Career Services department). During your studies, you will have different activities that will help you to grow professionally: visits to companies in the sector, talks and conferences, professional trips, Professional workshops and job interviews. The Career Services department will manage and supervise your professional internships. Once you graduate, you will have access to the HTSI Job Board and to the Alumni Association to keep your network active once you graduate. More information

  • Once I graduate from the Bachelor Degree, where can I work?

    The tourism and hospitality sector has more job opportunities than you can imagine. Graduates in Tourism and Hospitality Management have all these job possibilities – HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATION COMPANIES: general manager, sales and marketing director, head of reservations, head of accommodation, head of administration, and Food & Beverage Management – MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION OF COMPLEMENTARY TOURISM SERVICES: museums, theme and leisure parks, ski resorts, spas, golf courses. – ORGANIZATION OF CONGRESSES, FAIRS, CONVENTIONS AND INCENTIVES: responsible for operations, sales management, food and beverage management, general manager, banquets and conventions manager. – CREATION OF PRODUCTS AND ACTIVITIES LINKED TO DIFFERENT TYPES OF TOURISM: cultural, adventure, religious, thermal, ecotourism, wine tourism, gastronomic tourism, rural tourism. – TRAINING, CONSULTING AND TOURISM CONSULTANCY: – INTERMEDIATION SERVICES: management of travel agencies, product manager, professional conference organizer, contracting, reservation centers, booking manager, e-distribution, tour operator. – DESTINATION PLANNING AND PROMOTION: director of tourism initiatives, promotion campaigns manager, director of tourism offices, responsible for dynamization, responsible for company liaisons. – TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS: airlines, cruises, railway companies. – SERVICES: all those companies that are based on the experience and client services.

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