Mar Falguera: “Direct contact with professionals from the sector is key to learning at HTSI”


mar-falgueraWe interviewed Mar Falguera, Day Auditor at The Bvlgari Resort & Residences Dubai, and alumnus of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL). Falguera, who obtained her bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (2017), started her career at the international hotel chain as Residences Concierge Coordinator, and has been working in Finances for 5 months.


What would you emphasize about the education you received at HTSI?
The direct contact with professionals from the sector, either because they visit the school or because students travel to their hotel or tourism business to get to know them. I’d also emphasize the quality of the professors: many currently work in the sector, and that makes it easier for them to have first-hand knowledge of the industry. Plus, I got a lot out of the professional trips we took to London, Belgium and France.
Why did you decide to study tourism?
I like to travel. I always knew I wanted to be “at the front desk”. I wanted to treat customers the way I wanted to be treated, and I wanted to learn how to do it. Plus, I’ve always liked languages and learning about other cultures, so the bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at HTSI was perfect for me.

Would you recommend studying at HTSI?
Yes. From day one I felt like my abilities were valued. They worked hard to teach us everything we needed to know: not just theory, but practical things, too, and how to apply what we’d learned in real life.

What skills are most important for working in this sector?
Adaptability: being able to adapt to any environment, country, business or person. Plus, the desire to learn, to discover, to know, to find the best in yourself.

What three values would you emphasize about the School of Tourism?
How approachable professors are; they’re very attentive to students’ needs. The internationalization of learning, and the importance given to languages.
What advice would you give tourism students?
They shouldn’t worry about their professional futures. They should always say yes, cross borders, try new things. If they don’t like what they find they can always turn back, but they shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things.


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