Main Aims

The University Master Degree focuses on:

Leadership and professional development

The hotel sector is a global service, where we are continually looking for leaders who are sensitive to ethics and social responsibility. Knowledge of international industry, networking and leadership are key competencies for this University Master Degree.

International hotel management

Students become familiar with the main elements of international strategic management, with a focus on decision making, finance and marketing. Participants will learn about the operational functioning of multinational companies, as well as the current challenges in the area of human resources internationally.

Research in the hospitality industry

Research within the hotel sector is a critical factor in anticipating future scenarios and in transferring the necessary academic knowledge to meet the challenges of the hotel industry, helping decision-makers. This module is completed with the Master Thesis, which will be academic research or a business plan.

During the program

  • Each of the modules is related to a company in the sector, who collaborate during the academic sessions through "Problem Based Learning". This offers the student an intense learning experience very close to the reality of the hotel industry.
  • The student performs a one-week operational week in a hotel of international prestige in order to have a global vision of all the departments at the management level.
  • The student will conduct an educational trip to familiarize themselves with different hotel business models and exchange views with industry leaders.
  • Academic sessions are conducted by recognized academics. The learning environment includes academic readings, teamwork, coaching, case studies, contact with industry professionals and guest speakers.
  • The University Master Degree includes research topics applied to hotel management, and the completion of a thesis which allows the student the option of a doctorate after completing the Master Degree.

Problem Based Learning

The methodology of the Master's Degree in Hotel Management is based on Problem-Based Learning, which allows participants to gain a deeper insight into the area of management of hotel companies, as well as to provide solutions to problems and find answers to questions. This innovative training methodology puts students at the centre of learning, and solves open problems posed by collaborating companies in an innovative way of using teamwork.

In order to use this methodology, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management Sant Ignasi has collaboration agreements with leading companies in the sector. These companies collaborate closely with each of the subjects of the master's degree, presenting real cases that students must solve in different ways using an integrative approach and applying the knowledge received in the classroom.

Problem-Based Learning presents a real problem or challenge that must be thoroughly analysed, including its causes and the multiplicity of aspects that shape it. Working together with colleagues and companies related to each of the subjects, the student will evaluate alternatives, suggest changes, and propose improvements and action plans to resolve the situation.

Through Problem-Based Learning, students relate directly to businesses, sharing challenges and concerns. Contact with these companies takes different forms: plenary sessions, workshops, coaching or on-site visits. The companies involved in the Master’s Degree in Hotel Management view the projects carried out by students as useful tools, so that students’ work may influence the future decisions of the CEOs of these companies.

The teacher becomes a "learning facilitator", helping students become reflective professionals trained to use academic knowledge in making effective decisions in the field of hotel management. They use observational tools to guide and evaluate learning both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Problem-Based Learning is an effective and dynamic educational method for the future leaders of the international hotel industry, providing continuous, guided and effective learning.

Academic Program


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