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The University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management is a one-year Master Degree (60 ects). It is divided into three blocks: the first block is taught in Barcelona (Spain), the second is in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and the in-company research project (training experience) may be done anywhere in the world (depending on visa restrictions).


Leadership  Competencies and trends in hospitality (Barcelona block):

New trends in the field of hospitality are changing the scenario of jobs in the future. The program prepares the students to take a more creative and efficient approach to the profession. To complement the academic vision, students analyze real and practical cases.

  • Leadership Development (5 ects): Students are guided in developing the competences for professional life, with a special focus on the requirements of working as Hospitality Managers. Students will learn how to manage emerging risks, promote global change, be an inspiring leader, innovative and manage teams, enhance critical thinking skills based on the know-how of our professors and partners.
  • Cross - Cultural Communication (5ects): Gain effective communication skills for professional, powerful, persuasive presentations, and improve confidence, style and impact of public speaking. Learn the principles and practices of Corporate Communications and strategies and advice on how to release higher potential in individuals enabling sustainable success by making the most of alternative cultural perspectives.
  • New evolving trends in marketing (5 ects): This subject develop conceps such as digital marketing, experential and sensory marketing, value creation, social media and growth strategies in the tourism industry. A marketing plan for an existing company will be developed, in which all important marketing decisions are featured, such as market research, brand management, product design based on co-creation, international price, communication and distribution management.
  • Innovation & Strategic management in Hospitality (5 ects): This module reviews relevant innovation concepts in tourism and hospitality, with a specific focus on the main factors and drivers in innovation in relation to hotel management and hospitality management.
  • Research Methods (5ects): The aim of research methods is to reinforce your expertise in research. This academic block involves: problem solving, research design, information management and research, analysis and synthesis of data and writing research reports.

International Hospitality Management (Maastricht block):

The objective of this block is to familiarize students with the definition of business objectives in a creative and systematic way, by planning, organizing, managing and controlling the resources available in a sustainable way.

  • International Strategic Business Management (5 ects): Starting from the mission and vision and given the objectives of a company, a strategic analysis of a real company in the hospitality industry will be submitted. After completing the strategic analysis, students will make an implementation plan, including risk management. Competitive and internazionalization strategies, will be evaluated among others and a choice will be made for the company. Technology driven development, business in international ebvironment, disruptive business models and hospitality management are concepts that will be developed in this subject.
  • Redefining the Hospitality Experience (5 ects): It focuses on concept and idea generation frameworks for identifying and creating hospitality business opportunities through the enhancement of the guest experience. Tourism management, cool hunting, experiential design thinking, imagineering and co-creation are topics covered within the module. Selected tools, techniques and examples of innovation management will be covered.
  • International Financial Management (5 ects): this module provides essential financial skills necessary to analyze different business scenarios.  Financial competencies are directly related to top performance careers within the industry. The components towards successfully applying revenue management will be introduced and discussed step by step.
  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in the service industry (5ects): This module focuses on the challenge of turning ideas and innovations into profitable and sustainable business, either by creating a new company or entrepreneuring inside an existing one. Students will explore on dynamics of startups, disruptive business models, effective self-development in a business environment, the impact of entrepreneurial firms in today's economy, sustainable entrepreneurship, business ideas for visionaries, game changers and challengers.



  • In-Company innovative project (15ECTS): The universities collaborate in finding an international internship in a hotel, tourist organization, consultancy, airline, or tourism related company (visa regulation permitting). During the internship, the student will develop an innovation project on a subject related to the company in question.


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