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The University Master Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management is a one-year Master Degree (60 ects). It is divided into three blocks: the first block is taught in Barcelona (Spain), the second is in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and the in-company research project (training experience) may be done anywhere in the world (depending on visa restrictions).

programa académico IHM


Leadership Competences (In Barcelona and Maastricht):


  • Leadership development program (4 ects): students develop competencies and skills to become successful in their professional career. Teaching guide. Teaching guide
  • Communication skills (3 ects): principles and practices of management, communication and consulting. These skills can be applied in a real management project. Teaching guide. Teaching guide.
  • Intercultural management (3 ects): students will develop leadership skills in multicultural teams. Teaching guide. Teaching guide.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality (Barcelona block):

New trends in the field of hospitality are changing the scenario of jobs in the future. The program prepares the students to take a more creative and efficient approach to the profession. To complement the academic vision, students analyze real and practical cases.

  • Redefining the Hospitality Experience (5 ects): focuses on the concept and generation of ideas that identify and create new business opportunities in the sector through the improvement of the customer experience. Cool hunting, design thinking, imagineering and co-creation are the focus areas of this module. Teaching guide.
  • Innovation Management in Hospitality (5 ects): this module reviews the relevant innovation concepts in tourism and hotel management, with a specific focus on the main factors of innovation enhancement in companies in the sector. Teaching Guide.
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship (5 ects): This module focuses on the challenges of turning ideas and innovations into profitable and sustainable business, either by creating a new company or by being an entrepreneur within an existing one.  Teaching Guide.


International Hotel Management (Maastricht block):

The objective of this block is to familiarize students with the definition of business objectives in a creative and systematic way, by planning, organizing, managing and controlling the resources available in a sustainable way.

  • International Strategic Management (5 ects): based on the mission and vision of the company, and taking into account the objectives, and will present the strategic analysis of a real company in the sector. Students will then develop an implementation plan, including risk management. The plan will be presented to the company in question, which will select the best ideas. Teaching Guide.
  • International Marketing Management (5 ects): a marketing plan will be designed for a real company, which will include concepts such as strategic decisions, brand management, international vision, global prices, communication and distribution. Teaching Guide.
  • international financial management (5 ects): this module provides essential financial skills necessary to analyze different business scenarios. Teaching Guide.



Research competencies are a critical factor in anticipating future scenarios and in transferring academic knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of the industry. This block includes research methods, as well as the In-Company Research Thesis.

  • Research methods: involves problem solving; Research design; Information management and research; Analysis and synthesis of data; the writing of research reports, etc. Teaching Guide
  • In-Company Research Thesis (15ECTS)
  • Research project (6 ECTS): This module follows a research methodology and aims to demonstrate to student’s research techniques and synthesis. Teaching Guide.

Professional experiences and Innovation Project (9 ECTS): The university is in charge of finding the most suitable professional experiences for each profile: hotels, consultancies, tourism companies and innovation companies.  During the internship, the student will develop an innovation project on a subject related to the company in questionTeaching Guide.


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