Primavera Sound, Canet Rock, Cap Roig and Share&Festival, all present at HTSI




Representatives of the Primavera Sound, Canet Rock, Share&Festival and Cap Roig music festivals took part in an online round table on marketing and music festivals for 3rd-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

The discussion was moderated by Daniela Freund, professor of the course Operational Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality. It included Stefano Maccarone, director of Share&Festival; Miquel Fernández, director of communication, sponsorship and institutional relations for the Cap Roig festival; Ivone Lesan, head of booking for Primavera Sound and a representative of the MIM association; and Gemma Recoder, general director of Sun Music Barcelona, the organizers of the Canet Rock festival.

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Sesión informativa virtual del Grado en Turismo- 12 de enero (18h)




El próximo martes 12 de enero (18.00h) podrás asistir a la primera sesión informativa online de este curso sobre el Grado en Gestión Turística y Hotelera y el Nuevo Doble Grado con el Bachelor en Innovación y Diseño de Experiencias en Turismo y Hospitalidad.

Realizaremos las sesiones vía Zoom y podrás intervenir, hacer preguntas y hablar tanto con los responsables del Grado como con profesores y alumnos, y también conocer casos de éxito de antiguos alumnos

Si estás interesado en participar, contacta con nosotros y te mandamos a tu email toda la información que necesitas para participar en la sesión informativa virtual. La conexión es muy sencilla, no necesitas descargarte ninguna aplicación específica y podrás conectarte a través de un simple link e introduciendo una contraseña.


¿Cómo puedes apuntarte?


Contacta con Cristina González del Servicio de orientación a futuros estudiantes de Grado a través de: 

+34 696 57 15 68


Mejor grado en Turismo de Catalunya

El Grado en Gestión Turística y Hotelera de la Facultad de Turismo y Dirección Hotelera Sant Ignasi (URL) se ha posicionado como el mejor grado universitario en el ámbito del turismo en Catalunya y el 5º mejor en España según el ranking El Mundo.

La Facultad tiene como objetivo maximizar el talento de los estudiantes y potenciar su empleabilidad a través de un acompañamiento único y exclusivo con iniciativas de mentoring, coaching, clases académicas y una estrecha relación con el sector turístico, hotelero y del ocio.




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Online interviews for future international HTSI students


sesion-info-homeThe School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi offers personalized online interviews for future international students interested in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism or the Double Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor in Tourism + Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design in Tourism and Hospitality)

Both the management of the degree and the Admission department offer virtual meetings with international students to address doubts on courses, internships and international mobility, among other matters.

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Anna Bellmàs, European tourism expert and HTSI alumnus: “The current situation has its days numbered. The tourism sector will bloom once again”



We interviewed Anna Bellmàs, a marketing project manager for the European Travel Commission, and discussed the international promotion of Europe as a destination.

Bellmàs holds a Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management from HTSI. Her professional career has been defined by excellence (she received multiple scholarships) as well as international experience.

We also discussed tourism in Europe after COVID-19 and the measures being taken to address the pandemic and reactivate the sector.

What is the European Travel Commission (ETC)?

It’s an international non-profit that works to promote Europe as a sustainable tourism destination in the main long-distance markets. We focus particularly on China, the United States, Canada and Brazil, but also on Japan, Australia, and others.

The ETC currently has 33 members; they represent the national tourism organizations of 33 European countries. The ETC provides them with a wide range of market intelligence services and works to promote an exchange of best practice.

My main role in the organization is to manage projects and marketing campaigns promoting experiences involving nature, rural tourism and slow adventures in Europe.

You’ve received several scholarships. Tell us about your professional career!

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from HTSI in 2015. Soon afterwards, I started working at the central offices of the Catalan Tourist Board. I worked in the operational marketing department, where I found my passion for tourism promotion.

Later on, I was selected by the Spanish Tourism Institute to receive one of their scholarships to promote Spain as a destination abroad. It included a master’s degree in international tourism promotion in Madrid and a one-year internship at their tourism office in Buenos Aires.

After a year in Argentina, I decided to come back to Europe. I was chosen to work in the Catalan Tourism Office in Benelux, so I wound up in Brussels. After two years promoting Catalonia, I started my current job at the European Travel Commission. That’s where I started promoting Europe as a destination internationally.

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The resilience of domestic tourism: success stories analysed by the UNWTO



Globally, domestic tourism is responsible for six times more trips than international tourism (1,400 million international arrivals in 2018). Domestic tourism can also be essential at times of crisis, and has shown its resilience on multiple occasions.

In this context, the UNWTO has published Tourism and COVID-19. Understanding Domestic Tourism and Seizing its Opportunities, a report that looks at the world’s main domestic tourism markets and analyses their main characteristics. It also discusses measures being implemented around the world to promote domestic tourism and recover confidence in the sector after COVID-19.

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plan de comunicación eventos

What do you think the success of an event is based on? This was the question Mónica Alonso, HTSI’s director of communication, posed to students of the Master’s Degree in Events Management.

This session, entitled “Comunica y existirás. La ciencia de comunicar eventos”, (Communicate and you will exist. The science of communicating events) is part of a series of lectures on communication strategies for events.

This first lecture was focused on how to create a strategic plan and a communication campaign—both are essential to achieving the final objective of any business, event or initiative.

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Community-based tourism, a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional travel




Community-based tourism is the central focus of the investigation “El papel del turismo en las relaciones de poder local: Pisac, Perú” (The role of tourism in local power relationships: Pisac, Peru). This investigation was led by Rosa Codina, a doctor and professor at Oxford Brookes University, who explained her conclusions to 4th-year HTSI students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism.

The study began by detecting power dynamics in tourism spaces. This included how vendors and tour guides made strategic use of streets and squares to control the local impact of tourism. Organized tours analysed how tourists moved through Pisac and how this influenced the businesses tourists visited. One of the most notable consequences was the gradual transformation of an intermittent artisans’ market into a daily market for tourists.

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Why are gender diversity and equality key to business growth?



“Buenas prácticas en políticas de género en sector turismo” (Best practice in gender policies in the tourism sector) is the title of the virtual seminar offered by HTSI professor and researcher Daniela Freund. This seminar was organized by Barcelona Activa for professionals from the tourism sector. 

Tourism is one of the sectors with the highest levels of female employment: 57% globally and 58.5% in the European Union. In Spain, the tourism sector is the third most important employer of women, after the educational sector and social work/healthcare.

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hotel crowne plaza hotel manager forum

On Thursday, November 12, the first Hotel Management Forum was held for students of the HTSI Master’s Degree in Hotel Business Management.

This time, the event consisted of a digital round table where participants got a chance to interact with the heads of different departments at Hotel Crowne Plaza in Barcelona: Enrique Escofet, managing director; María José Martínez, director of Sales & Marketing; Leticia Soler, director of Human Resources; Victoria Bobis, director of Revenue Management; and Enric Cugat, director of Operations.

This virtual tour of different departments also helped students find out how the hotel dealt with the COVID-19 health emergency.

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Entrepreneurship: a chance to include people with functional diversiy



“Emprendeduría de todos para todos” (Entrepreneurship by all and for all) was a round table discussion for students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ingasi (HTSI).

The session, led by professors Daniela Freund and Esther Binkhorst, had two main objectives. The first was to present entrepreneurship and self-employment as job opportunities for people with functional diversity. The second was to encourage the future leaders of tourism to create inclusive experiences that everyone can enjoy equally.

To this end, Doriana Bagnoli, director of social and professional inclusion for functional diversity at the Prevent Foundation, shared an initiative called Aula de Emprendimiento. HTSI students also got to hear from entrepreneurs with functional diversity: Juan Martínez (Reforcer), Carlo Castellano (Park4Dis), and Joan Grasas (health consultant).

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