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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (URL) is promoting and strengthening its researchers, giving them greater visibility through Recercat and Google Scholar.

Recercat is an official repository of Ramon Llull University that helps to promote HTSI’s scientific activity, giving it more visibility and greater impact. “It allows open access to publications by our professors and researchers. That means it reaches more people, gets read more and gets cited more”, explained HTSI librarian Marta Capdevila.

Also, it increases the impact of scientific work for both the author and the School: results are more accessible and easier to look up, and their conservation is guaranteed.


To date, Recercat includes 123 HTSI publications. “We’re a small school, so that’s pretty good”, Capdevila noted. “Now that we have a Google Scholar profile, we’ve noticed we can do much more. Our plan is to make that number grow and inform our researchers about all the advantages of publishing on Recercat.”

With Recercat, all published research is stored on the same site, making it open access and easier to locate. “Until now, HTSI didn’t have all that information in one place. I think this is a big step forward for us as a school. Our researchers are really pleased”, noted Capdevila, whose responsibilities include managing permits with authors and publishers.

Recercat is included in Spanish depository Recolecta, its European equivalent OpenAire, and Google Scholar. This means all information found on Recercat can also be found on these depositories.

Google Scholar also gives research more visibility. If offers updated statistics on citations, which shows which research areas have the most influential publications. It is also useful for locating possible collaborators, and makes it easier to evaluate the results of research at HTSI.

“Right now, we’re trying to get articles on Google Scholar to link with the Recercat version” noted Capdevila. She also explained the advantages of having publications on Recercat: greater visibility and a greater impact (and, therefore, more citations), as well as guaranteed conservation.

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