HTSI student Aleix Bosch receives award from Ritz-Carlton Dubai during hotel internship


practicas-en-hoteles_ritz-carlton_barcelona-1Aleix Bosch, a 4th-year student of the Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, was recognized with a “5 Stars Award – Intern” by Ritz-Carlton Dubai during his internship at the hotel.



  • How did you get the opportunity to intern at Ritz-Carlton Dubai?

I got the opportunity when the School’s Career Services department told me that Ritz-Carlton Dubai had internship positions open in their HR and Finances department. I chose finances because I’ve always been interested in the economic aspect of a hotel, and I wanted to focus on the Back Office. At my last internship I had worked in reception and F&B, and I had already had a chance to get experience in customer service.


  • What was the selection process like?

The hotel’s HR department contacted me by email, and then I had a Skype interview with HR director Grainne Johnston. It was very similar to my interview with Professor Gisela Dominguez in the Personal and Professional Skills for Tourism and Hospitality Management course. Then, two days after the interview, the HR supervisor asked me to send reference letters from my last two hotel internships. Before long, I was informed that I had passed the selection process, and the contract was sent to me.


  • What is your current position, and what is your day-to-day like?

Right now, I don’t have a fixed position in the Finance department. My first few months I spent some time in each section of the department, and now I substitute employees that are on holiday. In the Accounts Receivable section, I’m in charge of controlling open PMs, organizing commissions with CRS and PMS, credit cards reconciliation, etc.


  • What award have you received during your hotel internship?

 I was given the “5 Stars Award – Intern” for the last trimester of 2018. Each department nominates two ladies and gentlemen (which is what we call employees here at Ritz Carlton), and the leaders of each department defend their nomination. Nominations need to be in keeping with the company philosophy and with our Gold Standards: teamwork, leadership, lateral service… Then, the Guidance Team makes the final selection.


  • How did you feel when you found out you had been selected?

Satisfied. Still, in the hours before the gala I was nervous because four other interns had been nominated, and I knew they also had a good chance of winning. I had worked with them in Lateral Service, and I had heard really positive things about their work.


  • How do you think HTSI helped you win this award?

My hotel internship tutor, Professor Jorge Peralta, has helped me a great deal this semester with his continuing evaluation and feedback, which have been really useful.


  • What would you highlight about your current international experience?

I really recommend having an international experience. You get to meet people who are culturally very different from you but also quite similar, because the immense majority of hotel employees are people from other countries in situations similar to yours. In the end, you grow not only professionally, but also personally.



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