Hubert Joo-Kitano

Academic background
  • PhD thesis title: “The Investor-Entrepreneur Relationship in Equity Crowdfunding: a Combined Trust-Agency Based Approach”. Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), 2017.
  • Master of Research, UAB, 2012.
  • Master’s Degree in International Tourism Management, Hochschule Bremen, 2005.
  • Master of Business Administration, ESADE, 2003.
  • Master’s Degree in Administration, ESAN, 2003.
  • Economist, University of Lima, 2004.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economy, University of Lima, 1998.
Knowledge areas
  • Tourism
  • Management
  • Finances
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Teaching experience
  • Lecturer at School of Tourism & Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI) – Ramon Llull University (February 2018 – present).
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management: Economics, Accounting and Innovation & Entrepreneurship, thesis supervisor.
    • University Master’s Degree in Hotel Management: International Financial Management.
  • Assistant professor at ESADE Business School (October 2017 – present).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Corporate Finance.
  • Lecturer at EAE Business School (September 2017 – present).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Financial Market & Tools, thesis supervisor.
    • Master’s Degree: Entrepreneurship.
  • Lecturer at Hochschule Bremen (November 2012 – present).
    • Master’s Degree: International Accounting, thesis supervisor.
  • Lecturer at Global Business School Barcelona (October 2014 – present).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Business Finance, Small Business Management.
    • Master’s Degree: Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances; Real Estate Finance; Corporate Finance; Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Financing.
  • Lecturer at University of Derby/European University – Dual program (February 2015 to August 2017).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: International Entrepreneurship, Business Finance and Performance.
  • European University (February 2011 to August 2017).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Financial Statement Analysis, Cash and Credit Management, Portfolio Management, International Banking, Insurance & Pension Commitments, Global Economics, Global Business, International Tourism Management, Cases in Travel & Tourism, Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, Small Business Management, thesis supervisor.
    • Master’s Degree: Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, International Financial Management, Short-term Financial Management, thesis supervisor.
    • On-line & Blended: Business Finance, Short-Term Financial Management, Corporate Finance, International Finance, thesis supervisor.
  • United International Business School (April 10 to February 14).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: International Tourism Management.
    • Master’s Degree: Mathematics of Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Working Capital Management, Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Banking and Securities Markets.
  • ESEI Business School (February 2012 to June 2012).
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Introduction to Finance.
  • University of Lima.
    Bachelor’s Degree: Financial Statements Analysis, Financial Planning, Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship and Business Plan, thesis supervisor.
Professional experience
  • Constructora e Inmobiliaria J&K S.A.Lima, Peru. Family company in real estate investments and construction of apartment buildings. November 2005 – September 2009.
    Financial and Administrative Manager.
    Development of strategic and financial plans.
    Evaluating real estate and investment projects.
    Decision-making at the company’s operational and strategic level.
  • Banco de Credito del Peru, Lima, Peru. September 1998 – January 2004. Leading commercial and corporate bank in Peru.
    Business and Financial Analyst, Managing portfolio of 120 clients with stocks amounting to $US 7 – 25 million.
    Analysing financial statements and developing business proposals for clients.
    Negotiating credit conditions and managing financial products and services including exports and imports.
  • University of Lima representative for the SME’s Technical Committee coordinating project with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, National Industry Society and Labour Ministry. (April 2007 to July 2009).
  • Entrepreneurial activities – November 2005 to September 2009.
    I have participated in three private personal entrepreneurial activities that I was forced to leave when I moved to Barcelona in September 2009:

Incuba Network: I was cofounder and worked as a consultant offering a range of activities based on developing companies, from the initial idea, the development of the business plan and the link to investors, to the implementation of the project and expansion of the company in advanced phases of development.

JOKI Export & Import: the company was dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of clothing made of alpaca fibers. The main products were sweaters, scarves, shawls and hats that combined 100% alpaca fibres with the colours, design and trends of contemporary fashion to create high-quality clothing for everyday use. With the company, I participated in the international fairs “Import Shop Berlin 2006” and “PeruModa 2009”.

Reforestation project: I invested in 70 hectares of reforestation in Oxapampa-Junín in Peru, with the projection of developing different businesses related to ecology and environment. So far, 5 hectares have been reforested, amounting to 5,555 Pino Tecunumani trees.

Real estate investments: I have invested in business offices in Lima, Peru. At the moment, I only hold one unit that has been leased since I moved to Barcelona in the year 2009.

  • Conference speaker – April 2007 to September 2009.
    I have participated in several conferences as speaker and moderator at the University of Lima and Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo (COFIDE) in Lima, Peru.
  • Guest speaker – 2017 and 2018 at ATY Vietnam.
    The Asia Pacific Talent Youth Training Center (ATY) is a centre for the implementation and organization of training programs, skills training and human development skills. It focuses on factors that help students develop thinking, communication skills, situations, self-care and self-esteem as well as relationships.
  • Consulting activities
    • DiProm: Accounting and financial consulting (Feb 2009 – Sep 2009, Lima, Peru)
    • Robot: Accounting and financial consulting (May 2009 – Feb 2011, Lima, Peru)
    • Instituto de Investigación Nutricional: Strategic Planning 2010-2013 (Aug 2009 – Sep 2009, Lima, Peru)
  • Football Coaching

First-, second- and third-certificate football coach – September 2011 to August 2015: Centre d’Alt Rendiment, Sant Cugat, Spain and Federació Catalana de Futbol, Barcelona, Spain.

Football Coach: youth team – Badía del Valles (2011), Under 12 – UD Lourdes (2012), Amateur 4th Division – Athletic Nou Valles (2013), Amateur 4th Division – L’Esquerra de l’Eixample (2017).

International United FC Founder and Manager. Project to develop an international football academy in Barcelona started in January 2013.

Relevant publications
  • Doctoral Thesis Joo-Kitano, H. (2017). The Investor-Entrepreneur Relationship in Equity Crowdfunding: A Trust Agency Approach. International Doctorate in Entrepreneurship & Management. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Working Papers
  • Joo-Kitano, H. and Estapé-Dubreuil, G. (2017). The Role of Expertise and Risk Diversification in Equity Crowdfunding. Bellaterra. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Joo-Kitano, H. and Estapé-Dubreuil, G. (2017). Developing Trust Measures in Equity Crowdfunding: An Exploratory Analysis. Bellaterra. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Joo-Kitano, H. and Estapé-Dubreuil, G. (2017). Understanding the Equity Crowdfunding Phenomenon: A Trust-Agency Theory Based Analysis. Bellaterra. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Proceedings from conferences
    • Joo-Kitano, H. (2015). A Conceptual Understanding of Investor-Entrepreneur Relations in Crowdfunding. Proceedings from the 5th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship – LCE2015, January 15 to 17 2015, Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
  • Book Review
    • Serarols, C., Aldemir, Z., & Joo, H. (2011). Book review: Entrepreneurship and Culture.
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