Marian Buil

Academic background
  • International Certification in Mentoring, School of Mentoring and accredited by the International Association of Coaching and Mentoring, 2018.
  • Doctorate in Law, Economics and Business from the University of Girona. Knowledge area: knowledge management and innovation. Title of doctoral thesis: Influence of Individual Dynamic Managerial Capabilities over Business Sustainability Commitment, Stakeholder Engagement and Gender. 2015-2017.
  • University Master’s Degree in Creation of Innovative and Technology-Based Companies, University of Barcelona. 2009-2010.
  • Degree in Economics, University of Barcelona. 2003.
  • Erasmus Scholarship in Economics at Middlesex University, London. 1998-1999.
Knowledge areas
  • Innovation management
  • Organization of companies
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and team management
  • Business plan
  • Innovation in hotel management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
Teaching experience
  • Associate Professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (HTSI). Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Business Plan, tutor of final project and University Master’s Program in Hotel Management and Innovation.
  • Professor at the Higher School of Social Sciences I TecnoCampus Company (ESCSET), a school attached to Pompeu Fabra University in Business Organization, Business Creation, Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Team Management.
  • Teacher associated with the sports management master’s programs of the Johan Cruyff Institute in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Coordinator of the University Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the first edition (2010-11 academic year) until the 4th edition (2013-14 academic year). Teacher of the subjects of the master’s degree The Life of the Entrepreneur and Workshops on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Coordinator and Teacher of the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), Innotools of the platform míridos-X. MOOC on the tools of the Business Model Canvas and Empathy Map. 5 editions from 2013 to 2016: 31,000 registered.
  • Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators, Babson College (Boston, USA) 2009. Topics covered on real cases from the university:
    • The Entrepreneurial Teacher
    • Entrepreneurship as Thought and Action
    • Entrepreneurship as Venture Creation
    • Idea Laboratory
    • The Timmons Model of Entrepreneurship in Action Start-up Case
    • New Venture Creation as a Rite of Passage: The First Year Start-Up
    • Experiencing the Venture Capital Process
    • Understanding Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Managing the Growing Venture
    • Social Entrepreneurship: Building Businesses for a Better World
    • Assuming the Identity of an Entrepreneur: Web 2.0 in Entrepreneurship Education

    Research lines: individual dynamic managerial capabilities, business sustainability, social and environmental commitment, gender, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial skills, higher education in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and economic crisis.

  • Accreditation contradicts doctor by ANECA (2018).
  • Accreditation Professor of Private University from ANECA (2018).
  • Research period 2012-2018 by AQU.
  • 2017 Best Paper Awards, Symposium on Sustainability in University Campuses (SSUC), University of Sao Paulo. Buil Fàbrega, Màrian. How Entrepreneurship in Higher Education helps to Sustainable Campus Development at the Local Level. The Case of Tecnocampus.
  • Research assistance. XII Edition Aids for Research ACCID (2016). Aznar Alarcón, Juan Pedro; Buil Fàbrega, Màrian. Dynamic Individual Skills of Entrepreneurs that Affect the Sustainability of Companies: a Gender Perspective.
Relevant publications


  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2019) Building Context for Sustainable Development: Entrepreneurial Teaching Methodology at Tecnocampus. In Leal, Filho, W., Bardi, U. (eds) Sustainability in University campuses: Learning, Skills Building and Best Practice. Springer, Cham, Switzerland (in press).
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2018) How Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Helps Sustainable Development at the Local Level: The Case of Tecnocampus. Book Series of the World Sustainability. Springer.
  • Serrano Robles, Eloi; Araujo, Alex; Buil Fàbrega, Màrian; Celma Benaiges, Dolores; Codinas and Poch, Luis; Crespo, Patricia; Llobet Abizanda, Montserrat; Martínez-González, José Luis; Masferrer Llabinés, Núria. Introduction to the Economy and Social Enterprise (pending publication).
  • Julián Horrillo (coord.), Diego Bartolomé, Màrian Buil, Elisabeth Ferri, Jordi Mas, Antoni Satué and Joan Triadó. 10 Steps to be an Entrepreneurial University (2011).

Communications in congresses:

  • Masferrer Llabinés, Nuria; Crespo, Patricia; Buil Fàbrega, Màrian. Economic and Financial Indicators of Social Economy Companies Started in Times of Crisis: the Case of Barcelona. Intangible Capital. OnmiaScience (2018). In press.
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian; Alonso-Almeida, María del Mar; Llorenç Bagur-Femenías (2017). Individual Dynamic Managerial Capabilities: Influence over Environmental and Social Commitment under a Gender Perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production 151: 371-379.
  • Alonso-Almeida, M.; Buil Fàbrega, M.; Bagur-Femenías, L.; Aznar-Alarcón, J.P. (2017). Shedding Light over Sustainable Development and Stakeholders Engagement: The Role of Individual Dynamic Capabilities. Sustainable Development.
  • Celma, Dolores; Buil Fàbrega, Màrian; Patau, José (2017). Management Control in Startups with High Growth Success in the Technology Sector: The Case of Netrivals. European Accounting Management Review. 3 (2), 17-44.
  • Kucel, A.; Róbert, P.; Buil, M.; Masferrer, N. (2016). Entrepreneurial Skills and Education-Job Matching of Higher Education Graduates. European Journal of Education, 51 (1), 73-89.
  • Buil, M.; Aznar, J. P.; Galiana, J.; Rocafort-Marco, A. (2016). An Explanatory Study of MBA Students with Regards to Sustainability and Ethics Commitment. Sustainability, 8 (3), 280.
  • Buil Fàbrega, M.; Alonso-Almeida, M.M; Bagur-Femenías, L. (2016) Individual Dynamic Capabilities and Business Sustainability Perception: a Gender Approach. Proceedings of the 22nd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference (ISDR 2016). Rethinking Sustainability Models and Practices: Challenges for the New and Old World. Vol. 2 of 3, 265-273 Published by the International Sustainable Development Research Society and the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research, School of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Digital edition only. Lisbon, July 2016. ISBN: 978-972-674-791-8.
  • Buil Fàbrega, M., Rocafort Nicolau, A. (2016). Entrepreneurship and Business Survival in Times of Crisis: the Case of Barcelona. Intangible Capital, 12 (1), 95-120.
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian, Juan Pedro Aznar Alarcón, Jorge Galiana (2016). Entrepreneurial Skills and Super Relation with the Academic Profile: Do Engineering Students have More Entrepreneurial Skills than those from the Social Sciences? Dyna 91.2: 134-135.
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2019) Building Context for Sustainable Development: Entrepreneurial Teaching Methodology at Tecnocampus. 2nd Symposium on Sustainability in University Campuses (SUUC – 2.017). Florence (Italy).
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2018). How Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Helps Sustainable Development at the Local Level: The Case of Tecnocampus. 1st Symposium on Sustainability in University campuses (SUUC – 2.017) Sao Paulo (Brazil).
  • Masferrer Llabinés, Nuria; Crespo Patricia; Buil Fàbrega, Màrian. (2017). Social Economy Companies in Times of Crisis: Entrepreneurship and Survival: the Case of Barcelona. VII Catalan Conference on Accounting and Management (ACCID), Barcelona. Institute of Superior Studies of the Company. (IESE).
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian; Celma, Mª Dolores; Rosanas, Josep M.; Vater, Hendrik (2016). New challenges in management accounting: complexity and globalization. ACCID and APC-2016 Conference. Lleida (NETRIVALS).
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian; Alonso-Almeida, Maria del Mar; Bagur Femenias, Lorenzo (2016). Individual Dynamic Capabilities and Business Sustainability Perception: A Gender Approach. 22nd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference. ISDR Society. Lisbon.
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2015). Entrepreneurship and Survival in Times of Crisis: the Case of Barcelona. VI ACCID and the Association of Accounting and Management and Control Professors. Abat Oliba University-CEU.
  • Buil Fàbrega, Màrian (2014). Innovation Tools to Develop Entrepreneur.


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