Students from three schools of Ramon Llull University get to know Morocco



In early March, students from three schools of Ramon Llull University travelled to Morocco with funding from the UNESCO-URL professorship. The trip was a multidisciplinary experience organized by the School of Tourism and Hospitality management Sant Ignasi, the Pere Tarrés School of Education and Social Work, and the Blanquerna School of Health Sciences. All three schools were united by the importance they place on personal relationships, hospitality (in the fields of health, social justice and tourism), anthropology, and their global view of the world.


The trip to Morocco had 5 main objectives:

  • To get a closer look at Muslim Africa and to see Moroccan society from the point of view of tourism development, healthcare and social action.
  • To discover some of Morocco’s needs regarding social welfare and healthcare, and the means used to try and meet these needs through either exterior or local action.
  • To get a closer look at the phenomenon of migration to Europe.
  • To discover the touristic possibilities of the North Coast, focusing on the responsible or sustainable tourism opportunities available.
  • To enjoy a cultural experience and “see our world through the eyes of others.”
  • To step out of our comfort zone and experience living conditions that are different from what we are used to in areas like cuisine, transportation, or housing. To expose ourselves and to allow ourselves to be impacted by what we experience.

During the trip to Tangier and Tétouan, students participated in classes involving both theory and reflection on three areas of interest (tourism, social action and health), as well as on Moroccan history, politics and culture. These classes were given by URL professors and by Moroccans who were invited to participate in a round table discussion.

In addition, the students of all three schools took part in different volunteer activities with NGOs like Casa Calcuta or schools and centres that care for individuals with multiple disabilities.

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