#8M2021. Women’s Day



In recent years, special attention has been paid to the importance of having tools and  mechanisms to achieve full equality between women and men, and to eradicate any form of  sexist violence, be it physical, psychological or sexual. 

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (Universitat Ramon Llull) is  strongly against any discriminatory, abusive or offensive conduct or attitude and undertakes  to ensure that the university community can develop and interact in safe spaces and free  situations of harassment and violence, guaranteeing the principles of dignity and freedom, as  well as ensuring the health and well-being of people. 

HTSI, in compliance with current legislation and regulations and in line with its firm  commitment to gender equality, has a Prevention and Action Protocol to combat Gender  Violence prepared by the Ramon Llull University (URL) with two main objectives: act as a  prevention tool and provide mechanisms and guidelines for action in the event of detection of  situations of sexual harassment, based on sex, sexual orientation or gender expression.

For the protocol to be an effective tool, the involvement of the entire university community is  necessary. For this reason, special emphasis has been placed on its dissemination and  communication between the working staff and the student group. You can access the protocol  through the Virtual Campus and we are at your disposal for whatever you may need. 

On Women’s Day, from HTSI we want to emphasize that women represent 57% of all wage  earners in the tourism sector in Spain, and only 33% are in positions of high responsibility. In  the management of 5-star hotels, the percentage drops to 13%, and goes to 5% in the case of  hotel chain directors and up to a short-lived 3% of women in CEO positions. 

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has revealed the fragility of women’s jobs and it is  estimated that a large part of the millions of jobs in the tourism sector that are currently at  risk of disappearance are carried out by women. 

Our main objective as a university center is to train conscientious and competent young  university students to make changes to society, research and disseminate knowledge about  this situation and work to accompany and make visible tourism professional women on the  path of empowerment. Young university students committed to equality and compassionate  towards all women who suffer inequalities and violence

We have to work together with the sector, universities and public administrations to develop  active public policies and demand their compliance, as well as promote the presence of  women and diversity in companies.

The joint work of all will be essential to achieve full equality between men and women, and to  contribute to a better society. 

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